Meditation Four: Chakra Visualization

I employ chakra theory as a way to communicate human desire and wellness and as a tool for meditation. To quote from the Vajrasati Yoga website: “It is not that the nadis and chakras are ‘objectively there’ so much as they are ‘effectively there’. If you like they are poetic terms that equate to infinite webs of relationships between muscles, nerves, emotions, energy and the psyche.”… Read More Meditation Four: Chakra Visualization

Meditation Three: Accessing Store Consciousness

One technique to meditation is to frame a question or set an intention and then wait. When I opened myself up this morning to unconscious wisdom, I realized, “There’s a level beyond this.” This insight allowed me to tap into store consciousness. … Read More Meditation Three: Accessing Store Consciousness

Reflection: Truth in Daily Life and Work with Mindy Broadstone

The Truth is always with you, it is the highest part of you and your peace. Being such a fundamental part of your existence, it’s hard to understand why the Truth can be so elusive. Everything we are exposed to requires energy, and the more emotionally you respond or the more thought you give to the distraction, the more energy is required. Using up energy on noise takes you away from the Truth, because to stay centered requires great focus, presence, and consciousness.… Read More Reflection: Truth in Daily Life and Work with Mindy Broadstone