Awakening, Episode One: Total Solar Eclipse

I will never forget those two minutes and forty seconds — the still lake, the elegant egrets, the fire on the horizon, the sudden chill in the air, our goofy grins, shouts of pro-social excitement across the lake, and the breathtaking corona. My ecstatic day.… Read More Awakening, Episode One: Total Solar Eclipse

One Year To Stand Still

Clearing out emotional baggage, releasing psychic trauma, and unlearning cultural injections is a long and arduous process. Every time I let go of something, I try to fool myself into believing that I’m finished with the clearing out phase so I can move on. I want to get back to the doing of things, because I’m good at doing — that’s what we’re programmed to value and to strive toward. However, I’ve come to realize that I need to learn not-doing, and it is so much harder than doing ever was for me. That’s why I’m determined to be patient and maintain this plateau in my material life for a full year.… Read More One Year To Stand Still

The Chariot: Learning Dedication Without Attachment to Results

In part two of my year-end reflection, I use runes and tarot to discuss the shape my spiritual journey has taken over the past two years. Thurisaz, the gateway, represents a time in my life when I reflect on my past experiences and come to more fully understand them. “For it is in letting go of your past that you reclaim your power. ” The Chariot taught me that strength and softness can mean remaining dedicated but not becoming attached, doing without doing, steering your chariot toward the horizon and let come what may.… Read More The Chariot: Learning Dedication Without Attachment to Results