Brahmacharya: A Half Dozen Areas of Excess

I recently learned while reading Yamas and Niyamas that when we take things to excess, there is always an underlying emotional disturbance or unfulfilled desire. As a therapeutic exercise, I list things I’ve overindulged in or am in danger of taking to excess, examine why these patterns have emerged, and how I can begin to create new approaches to them. … Read More Brahmacharya: A Half Dozen Areas of Excess

10 Things I Learned While Eating for Gut Health

My approach to eating has changed drastically since I began experimenting with my diet and observing the effect the food I eat has on my mental and physical well being. I learned to cook “slow” while I researched the SCD and GAPS diets. I discovered that long-simmered meat and vegetables are easiest to digest, fermented vegetables and dairy are easy to prepare and boost microbiome health substantially, and that it is actually very easy to take fresh ingredients from the refrigerator, add heat and fat, and have a simple meal as a result with minimal planning. These are only the broad strokes. and I’d like to share about ten of the most interesting things I learned with you. They’re not all strictly food-related, and some may even surprise you.… Read More 10 Things I Learned While Eating for Gut Health

Manic May

As I become aware of my yearly energetic cycle, I notice that certain months, particularly May and August, are high energy and others (namely November and February) are low points. I spun a little bit out of control this May when I tried to incorporate all the warm weather activities I love while still maintaining an ambitious music journalism hobby. In this entry I analyze my own behavior patterns, or samskara, from the perspective of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. … Read More Manic May