The Author and Her Mission

My name is Jessie. I’m a 34-year-old woman, and I live in Indiana, the Hoosier state. I’m a post-materialist scientist, highly sensitive person, compulsive writer, psychedelic yogini, and non-theist mystic. Among other things 🙂

I’m on a journey of self discovery, and as I continue to drop down into myself more deeply and integrate my experiences and realizations, I intend to share my journey in an open, vulnerable way.

I follow in the footsteps
Of seekers who have gone
Before me. Here I leave
Sigils to mark the trail
For those who would follow.
I extend a burning torch

To illuminate your way
Out of the ink-drenched
Cavern of the soul. Go now
Undaunted and alone.
Each must find their own
Way into the Light.

This blog serves as an expression of my inner life, a creative outlet on my journey of self-discovery, an experiment in communication, a writing portfolio, and a way for me to find other original writers and independent thinkers. I don’t have any goals for this site; I write for the love of it and the release it provides me. I do enjoy connecting with people.

Everything on this site is my original work unless explicitly stated. Please respect my ownership of the content on Hoosier Mystic. You can reach me by email with any questions. Copyright 2017, CC BY-NC-SA.