Putting My Cynical Self in Hibernation

I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, and the variety of depression that seems to be settling down on me this year is characterized by rage, hopelessness, frustration, and cynicism. I really don’t want to write from this place, at least not publicly, so I’m putting this blog on hiatus until these aggressive feelings begin to subside. I wish you all a safe, happy, and productive new year.


The Chariot: Learning Dedication Without Attachment to Results

In part two of my year-end reflection, I use runes and tarot to discuss the shape my spiritual journey has taken over the past two years. Thurisaz, the gateway, represents a time in my life when I reflect on my past experiences and come to more fully understand them. “For it is in letting go of your past that you reclaim your power. ” The Chariot taught me that strength and softness can mean remaining dedicated but not becoming attached, doing without doing, steering your chariot toward the horizon and let come what may.

The Nine of Swords: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Divination is a way to peer inside the subconscious and uncover thoughts, ideas, desires, and needs there that have been buried for one reason or another. On the Winter Solstice last year, I laid out a five card spread to mark the death of a year and forecast my forthcoming solar year. In this post, I explore in retrospect how the Nine of Swords related to my attitude toward change in 2017.

Meditation Four: Chakra Visualization

I employ chakra theory as a way to communicate human desire and wellness and as a tool for meditation. To quote from the Vajrasati Yoga website: “It is not that the nadis and chakras are ‘objectively there’ so much as they are ‘effectively there’. If you like they are poetic terms that equate to infinite webs of relationships between muscles, nerves, emotions, energy and the psyche.”